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Protect your eyes, your windows to the world

Eyes are said to be one's windows to the world. From the very first breath we acknowledge our existence and the ambience around us with help of our eyes. As a member of the 5 senses of human body , a pair of eyes is one of the most valuable gift of nature. Eyes introduce one to the colours, sights, faces in the world and even to one's own identity, one's own face. They are more or less the radar of human life. Feel free to read more on reglaze glasses.

An Eye consists of -

1. An eyeball: ( lens, anterior compartment containing aqueous humour and posterior compartment containing vitreous humour)

2. Appendages:(eye lids, eye lashes, eyebrows, conjunctiva, tear gland and extra ocular muscles)

The eye ball is held within a quadrilateral pyramid shaped bony cavity known as orbit, with the help of extra ocular muscles and ligaments. The white part of eye ball is known as sclera which is the outer most covering of eye. It turns transparent in front of the iris, known as cornea. For smooth functioning of cornea, sclera, conjunctiva and the eye lids in a frictionless manner, tear is secreted from the tear gland or the lacrimal gland. The flushing action of tears also removes microbial agents from the surface of eye. Eyes lashes provide additional external protection from damaging agents by their brushing action

Eye is a very delicate structure and is very prone to damage by radiation, debris, mechanical trauma or any other agent. The protective mechanism provided by the immune system of one's body mainly guards it against microbial infection. To protect the eyes from other kind of external damaging agents other protective measures have to be taken. It is very important to protect the eyes from damage as absolutely any material in the environment can prove to be harmful for eyes and because even minor injuries can lead to defective or permanent deprivation of vision. Leading day-to-day life without being able to see properly is one of the moat difficult situations. The first word that come to one's mind when one hears the words 'Protection of eyes' is "glasses". A pair of spectacles have been the easiest and the most effective way to guard eyes against all kinds of damaging agents, since ages. Glasses as we know are a pair of clear objects (lenses/plastic/polycarbon) held in places in front of they eyes with help of rims, a nose bridge and two side pieces.